Fabric Crafts

21 01 2012

In the midst of all of our kitchen projects, I’ve done a little bit of crafting along the way. Here are the projects I’ve done in the past few weeks:

Artwork for our bedroom

Yet another time that my hoarding has paid off 🙂 Those are shoe box lids covered in fabric. This project is so easy, and much cheaper than buying canvases.


The lighting isn’t great in this picture, but the fabrics are navy, green/blue and white. And I can always add to the wall if I get new shoeboxes 🙂

Next I recovered a plain white lampshade in our dining room with some fun yellow and white chevron material. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with chevron? Just some fabric and spray adhesive – so easy!

Then, since my mantle was looking so bare without all my Christmas decorations, I stopped by my favorite store (Dollar Tree) to get something to spice it up with.

Happy Carnival Y'all!

And I whipped up a quick homemade king cake for the last Saints game (let’s not talk about it…). It definitely didn’t hold a candle to the real thing, but it sure was yummy!

Crescent rolls with cinnamon cream cheese filling and icing on top!

And lastly, I decided to paint our front door red. However I am not really happy with the color I chose 😦 This is my inspiration (a house down the street from us):

we want to paint our house grey like this one and add white columns to the front porch too




One response

21 01 2012
Inga Mckinnon

How much fun!!! Thanks for bringing back so many memories of our first house. You are doing a fabulous job – just hope you are enjoying it. Love, Mamu

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