Drum Roll Please……

21 01 2012

Hallelujah! Our granite has arrived! After months of cooking in a kitchen I couldn’t stand…I can finally be proud of our tiny little kitchen. We were very lucky when we bought the house that almost every room had been updated…every room, that is, except the kitchen. Here is the kitchen when we first moved in:

The cabinets were an odd color, the dishwasher was ancient and the countertops had definitely seen better days. But the worst part to me was the dingy, old, disgusting sink….yuck!

So we painted the cabinets…and ripped those nasty counter tops off!

As is always the case with a 70 year old home…we found a few surprises – like that lovely wallpaper in the photo above. And it seems as if these cabinets have been there for at least 30 years – since I found an address book from a teachers sorority in 1979:

Mary Nell at our address...cool to find some old history hidden in the house

And not all surprises in old houses are good ones….when we took off the old counters (with attached backsplash) we realized there was some beadboard with a wood rail that ran along the wall next to the sink that looked odd without the old backsplash there. So, we thought we’d just rip it off. Easier said than done (as usual). We found huge holes in our plaster walls under the beadboard. So after some googling, we are now experts at patching plaster 🙂

the old beadboard....wish we'd gotten a picture of the giant holes underneath it!

So we got several quotes for different countertop materials – but we found a family run granite business that ended up giving us a GREAT deal – and threw in a new undermount sink for free! And lucky us – our kitchen is so small that they could make all our counters out of one slab, so that was more money off. We ended up getting our granite cheaper than the quote for laminate that we got from Home Depot! We chose a dark color called UbaTuba that has flecks of green, gray and brown which goes perfectly with our color scheme in the kitchen.

My beautiful new sink and faucet - I'm in love!

Notice the beadboard-free wall next to the sink, under the shelves

Sorry for all of the pictures, but I just can’t get enough of how different (and good) it looks! Lets see again what it used to look like….

Now, time to save up some more money so I can get a pretty tile backsplash to go with my lovely new counters!




2 responses

21 01 2012

Brita it looks so pretty! Great job!

21 01 2012
Meghan Browne

Fantastique! You are such a fabulous decorating DIYer, BLouise!

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