Kitchen Nightmare

20 11 2011

So, I haven’t posted in a while. Nothing huge going on with the house for the past month, until now…

We have finally completed painting our kitchen cabinets and walls (photos to come). The next step in our kitchen overhaul was a new dishwasher. I’ve been pining and pining for a new one pretty much since we moved in. Ours was black/white and made the dishes dirtier than when they went in…yuck! I figured we could get a new all white one off craigslist….no biggie, right?

Not so fast. I found a great deal on a 5 month old dishwasher on craigslist that retailed for $700, for only $175….jackpot! The guy came to deliver it and helped Sam pull out the old one (not so easy seeing as it had been in there for 20+ years) and then left. The next 3 days were very frustrating, I will spare you all the gory details…but they include corroded pipe fittings, mismatched connector parts etc. We (and by we, I mean Sam) FINALLY got everything hooked up correctly and….what do you know? The power to our dishwasher and disposal all of a sudden doesn’t work?!

Time to start flipping some breakers! This quick/easy little kitchen update has turned into a total nightmare. Just another day in the life of a 70-year-old-home-owner!




One response

20 11 2011
Matthew Montry (@Montry)

Ah yes. At that age the power requirements have probably changed. You might need to get an electrician to come in and update the wiring for your new equipment. While this may sound like an extra burden, it probably would have had to be done had you bought new and had the store install it (all assuming the power is adequate). I think you’ll need a 220V plug back there. These are all assumptions. If all else fails just show Sam the secrets of hand washing and drying ;P

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