28 11 2011

Drumroll please………

We have a working dishwasher!! And it works amazingly, especially compared to its 25 year old predecessor.


Also, I promised y’all a pic of our newly painted cabinets. So here is a midway picture so you can see the orangey/peach “before” (on the left) and the white “after” (on the right).

SOOOO much better!

The new paint on the cabinet and walls, plus the new(er) appliances, all seem to make the old crappy countertops seem worse than they did before. So this weekend will be spent checking out new ones at Home Depot.

Lastly, here is the little project that Sam and I collaborated on before we left for Thanksgiving:

What used to be a window before the addition was added to the back of our house

Ordered a wall stencil from Etsy + stencil adhesive from Hobby Lobby

We used the gray paint leftover from our bedroom and painted the back of the "window"

Sam cut some wood for shelves

Got some supplies from the dollar store (vases, fake fruit) + some spray paint

Knick Knacks up on the shelves - still have some projects to add

Notice the silver fake fruit and spray painted vases

This has been a fun project that I fully recommend for anyone looking to spice up some boring old shelves! I got most of my ideas off Pinterest (I think I need a 12 step program for my addiction to this website). If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. So far I have done small vases with coffee beans and tea lights the color of our walls, spray painted fake fruit, and spray painted vases white with yarn/rubber bands around them to leave clear streaks for candle light to come through. My next few projects (from Pinterest obvi) will be to “dye” vases or jars using mod podge and food coloring (seen here), and to wrap different colors of yarn or twine around old wine bottles (seen here) or beer bottles (seen here).

Also we have been looking for some cheap artwork for our bedroom and I think I’ve finally decided on something! We will use fabric (from Joann’s down the street) and cover different sized shoe box tops to look like canvases and arrange them in a fun pattern (seen here, and here)


I’ll keep you posted as the new projects occur! And now I have Christmas to decorate for as well. Happy Holidays Everyone!


Kitchen Nightmare

20 11 2011

So, I haven’t posted in a while. Nothing huge going on with the house for the past month, until now…

We have finally completed painting our kitchen cabinets and walls (photos to come). The next step in our kitchen overhaul was a new dishwasher. I’ve been pining and pining for a new one pretty much since we moved in. Ours was black/white and made the dishes dirtier than when they went in…yuck! I figured we could get a new all white one off craigslist….no biggie, right?

Not so fast. I found a great deal on a 5 month old dishwasher on craigslist that retailed for $700, for only $175….jackpot! The guy came to deliver it and helped Sam pull out the old one (not so easy seeing as it had been in there for 20+ years) and then left. The next 3 days were very frustrating, I will spare you all the gory details…but they include corroded pipe fittings, mismatched connector parts etc. We (and by we, I mean Sam) FINALLY got everything hooked up correctly and….what do you know? The power to our dishwasher and disposal all of a sudden doesn’t work?!

Time to start flipping some breakers! This quick/easy little kitchen update has turned into a total nightmare. Just another day in the life of a 70-year-old-home-owner!