Outdoor overhaul

7 06 2011

On the project list for today: HERBS!

A little trip to home depot helped cross another thing off the to-do list. Bought two blue planters and some yummy smelling basil, rosemary and cilantro. Now there’s no more gaping planter-less holes in our deck!

The Rosemary smells amazing!

Can't wait to cook with this Basil

And Sam had a little contribution to our back deck as well…..he surprised me last night with this bad boy….

Grillin' Machine!

Now, we just need to pick up our patio furniture and we’ll be ready for a good ol’ backyard BBQ!

In other news – our porch swing has finally been hung! Pictures to come once my pillows arrive. Now if only the weather would dip below 97 degrees, we could actually get outside to enjoy all of our new outdoor amenities!





One response

8 06 2011
Mark McKinnon

Sweeeet grill. Good job on the planters. THough may be fall before you can really enjoy the deck… or maybe some early morning weekends…

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