It’s Official!

2 06 2011

I am truly an Arkansas resident now – with a house, a drivers license, and new license plate!

Bye bye Lance Armstrong TX plates...

New license that actually looks like me (instead of my TX one with my 16" long hair extensions)

So the car errands took up most of my day today. But yesterday we got a few new things for the house.

#1. The fireplace screen finally came in! No more covering the fireplace with an ottoman so Chloe doesn’t get in there and cover herself with soot!

Sam workin' hard

My handyman

My handyman

Yay! Fireplace screen

#2. Yesterday after I got my nails done – I just had to stop into SteinMart, since it’s right next door, of course. And I found a treat for Sam! He’s been complaining that our AT&T Uverse box doesn’t display the time, and there’s no clock in our living room, soooo – voila!

New Clock

Goes right above the TV

While I was driving today I saw a couple inspirations for exterior paint colors. What do you think?

Our house has black shutters like this one - maybe we should paint our door red?

And last, but not least for the blog today – here’s a little pic of our side dish from last night that I highly recommend:

Orzo pasta salad with zucchini and feta

Recipe here

On the menu tonight is Quinoa salad, recipe courtesy of Kim!






6 responses

2 06 2011

Love love love the first color. Is it a soft gray? Maybe I just love the house… Can’t tell about the second color. Is it more blue? I think the gray with white trim is pretty.

2 06 2011
Holly C

I like the house with the red door. It has more character without being tacky.

2 06 2011
Inga Mckinnon

You two are amazing. Never seen anyone get so much done is such a short time. Your grandfather and I decided to paint our first house blue. It was beautiful – however the neighbors were’t so thrilled and didn’t speak to us for ages. Suggestion:
talk to your new neighbors if you decide to go red on the roof.
I love this blog.

2 06 2011

Thanks yall – I think we’re going with the soft gray in the first picture, with white trim and black shutters……and maybe a red door down the road (but white for now)

2 06 2011
Diane Morrison

I’m for the red door! I think it’s supposed to be lucky, too. And I second Inga (hi Inga! It’s been years since we’ve seen each other.) on being impressed at how much you’ve gotten done in such a short time!

3 06 2011
Mark McKinnon

I like red door. black trim

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