It’s been a while!

28 06 2011

I apologize for my lack of posts in the past few weeks….I had a little thing called a board exam to take! And – drum roll please – I PASSED! What a relief. So now I can go back to focusing on my pretty little house. Here are a few things that have happened since I last updated.

We got a new front door. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but believe me it was. Still need to paint the new frame – and I’m thinkin’ about painting the door red. What do yall think?

Our door before

New door from the inside

New door from the outside

Next, I got a few pillows to spruce up the new porch swing – and Sam whipped up a couple mojitos from the orange mint in our garden that his mom gave us. Yum!

The master bartender at work

The perfect summer drink

love it!


And finally here’s a few food pics to end the post:

Creamy tomato basil pasta made with basil from our garden!

Salmon, avocado and corn tostadas.



Furniture has arrived!

15 06 2011

Our patio furniture has finally arrived! We are excited for the weather to cool down and for our studying to be done so we can enjoy our awesome back patio!

And my cooking adventures continue. Here’s a pic of our mustard broiled salmon and new potato salad from Monday.

Last night was coconut-lime peanut chicken and rice – which I highly recommend! Recipe Here. Thanks to Payton for the recipe suggestion!

Dresser DIY

7 06 2011

Just a short update about yesterday’s project because I didn’t have time to post. We had one mismatched dresser in our bedroom that didn’t go with the black bed. This poor dresser has been around honestly probably as long as I’ve been alive. My sister and I had matching wood dressers in our shared bedroom growing up and then each took one as we split up and went our separate ways. Needless to say this dresser has seen better days. It had random stains and nicks all over it. So I took it out back and assaulted it with a couple cans of black spray paint and added new knobs – now it’s got a new life, and hopefully will last us another 20 years….or at least 5.

Outdoor overhaul

7 06 2011

On the project list for today: HERBS!

A little trip to home depot helped cross another thing off the to-do list. Bought two blue planters and some yummy smelling basil, rosemary and cilantro. Now there’s no more gaping planter-less holes in our deck!

The Rosemary smells amazing!

Can't wait to cook with this Basil

And Sam had a little contribution to our back deck as well…..he surprised me last night with this bad boy….

Grillin' Machine!

Now, we just need to pick up our patio furniture and we’ll be ready for a good ol’ backyard BBQ!

In other news – our porch swing has finally been hung! Pictures to come once my pillows arrive. Now if only the weather would dip below 97 degrees, we could actually get outside to enjoy all of our new outdoor amenities!


Entry Bench has arrived!

6 06 2011

Now we finally have a place to put our things when you walk in the door! Only took us about 30 minutes to put it together.

It’s Official!

2 06 2011

I am truly an Arkansas resident now – with a house, a drivers license, and new license plate!

Bye bye Lance Armstrong TX plates...

New license that actually looks like me (instead of my TX one with my 16" long hair extensions)

So the car errands took up most of my day today. But yesterday we got a few new things for the house.

#1. The fireplace screen finally came in! No more covering the fireplace with an ottoman so Chloe doesn’t get in there and cover herself with soot!

Sam workin' hard

My handyman

My handyman

Yay! Fireplace screen

#2. Yesterday after I got my nails done – I just had to stop into SteinMart, since it’s right next door, of course. And I found a treat for Sam! He’s been complaining that our AT&T Uverse box doesn’t display the time, and there’s no clock in our living room, soooo – voila!

New Clock

Goes right above the TV

While I was driving today I saw a couple inspirations for exterior paint colors. What do you think?

Our house has black shutters like this one - maybe we should paint our door red?

And last, but not least for the blog today – here’s a little pic of our side dish from last night that I highly recommend:

Orzo pasta salad with zucchini and feta

Recipe here

On the menu tonight is Quinoa salad, recipe courtesy of Kim!