Paint, Paint, Paint

30 05 2011

So only one project for today – painting the built-in bookshelf in the office. It was lookin pretty shabby – with chipping paint, who knows how old it is? The off white-ish color also didn’t match with my desk and other bookshelf. Nothing a coat of paint cant fix!



On a completely unrelated note, I just finished day 4 of my Insanity workouts – so I’m gonna go curl up and die now. I don’t see how I’ll make it through 60 days of this!





2 responses

30 05 2011
Mark McKinnon

Keep up the workouts!

31 05 2011
Inga Mckinnon

Love your ‘newsletter and photos’. Paint is your best friend.
Forget the wallpaper – tho I’ve done that too. You can ALWAYS paint over it if you dont like it. Once watch Patti Mck. paint the living room three times in one weekend till she got the color she liked. Also, painting is great exercise.

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