Mirror Mirror…

28 05 2011

In the bathroom – we had a terrible design faux pas. Silver light fixtures right above a bronze-ish? colored mirror. We tried taking it down and then found the wonderful gaping hole featured in one of the previous posts. My mom and I searched high and low for a mirror that would fit the space AND cover the hole – but alas, no luck. Soooo, today’s project was spray painting the existing mirror. It turned out well, if I do say so myself!

Sam also started on the landscaping – mostly picking up sticks/weeding and spraying for ants. Now – we just need to get this porch swing hung! That will be tomorrow’s project.




One response

26 09 2011
Inga Mckinnon

You two are incredible. I thought I did a lot with our first home (back in ’55), but no way I could keep up with you. It looks absolutely fabulous – you should be very proud. It’s about time for me to come visit!! I’ll give you plenty of warning. Best hotel in town and the food looks scrumptious. Enjoy it – I will always love that first home the best.
All my love, mamu

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