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26 05 2011

So now that we’re all moved in, the projects have begun! Mom was here for a few days to help me – which was fantastic. We cleaned the house top to bottom, organized everything, made trips to Lowe’s, Garden Ridge, Pier 1, Tuesday Morning, Steinmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Mattress King, and more! We are in the process of getting a new front door installed – should be done by next week. The fireplace screen and entry bench are ordered. Still looking for the perfect bathroom mirror….to cover up this wonderful discovery….

Upcoming projects will include painting the office and bedroom, new kitchen counters and painting the kitchen cabinets. We also have a dresser and bookshelf that need to be painted. And finally, we want to paint the exterior of the house as well. The timeline for these projects depend on mine and Sam’s study schedules…so they might not get done anytime soon. At least the handyman is here right now fixing a couple broken windows and hopefully hanging our porch swing.

But in the meantime, I’m in love with the house! Did I mention I have a closet JUST for shoes?

Unfortunately I think the past 3 weeks of job interview, family visit and graduation, packing, driving to Little Rock, moving twice, whirlwind trip to NOLA, unpacking, shopping and studying have taken their toll – and I’m not feelin so hot. So I’m taking a rest day before picking back up on the board exam studying.

Hope everyone is doing well – who’s going to be the first one to come visit??!

PS: Check Facebook for lots of pics of the house!




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26 05 2011

take a break! you deserve it

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