We’re In!

23 05 2011

Well….we were officially moved in last week, but we just got our internet set up (at&t uverse – thank goodness no more comcast!). It’s been a crazy whirlwind because we closed on Tuesday and expected to move right in – but the seller still had things in the house. So we moved in late Tuesday night. Then we unpacked everything on Wednesday and from Thursday-Sunday we went to New Orleans for Sam’s family reunion.

We have been so so lucky to have the best realtor throughout this whole process. He owns around 400 properties in Little Rock and whenever we need something (trash removal, locks re-keyed etc), he just sends a guy over….and for $12/hour you really cant beat it!

We’re working right now on getting our front door fixed and our locks done, got our alarm system installed last week. Next project will be re-painting, then hanging all of our wall decorations. I dont think the Target, Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond trips will ever end! My mom gets in today and will stay a few days to help out since Sam is now in his study exile until the Step 1 exam in June.

The guest room is open for visitors – make your reservations now 🙂

Pictures coming soon.




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23 05 2011

YAY! Congrats again! I want to try to come in August or September! Let me know if you want to make a trip to Dallas before that. I’ll be in town for all of June and you are more than welcome to stay at my place (even when I am gone in July). I can’t wait to see pics of it once you are finished settling in. Wish Sam luck on his Step 1! xoxo

23 05 2011

Thanks LRob! And good luck with your move to Dallas. Cant wait to see your place, and I will definitely be coming there for a visit sometime soon.

26 05 2011
chris & patty

ain’t decorating a ton of fun!

runs to Target, Home Depot, thrift stores, yard sales take on a whole new meaning and purpose.

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