Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

16 05 2011

….its only a day away! Can’t believe it’s already here – we close on the house at 10am tomorrow and plan on going straight to move in afterwards. My sweet sweet boyfriend drove my 14′ Uhaul for 10 hours from Atlanta to Little Rock last Wednesday. It was a bit of an adventure to figure out how to avoid the flooding Mississippi. We got a glimpse of some tornado damage outside of Birmingham, and a flooded casino on the river. BUT we made it!

My giant uhaul has now been parked outside of Sam’s old house for a week, and we are just ready to get it all unloaded into the new house! Since I have soooo much stuff, my movers had to take apart all of my IKEA furniture to fit it in the truck, so Sam and I will get to spend most of tomorrow putting it all back together….yay….

We did luck out and get a 2 yr old washer and dryer for only $200 from a 4th year med student – so that’s one thing to check off the list. Now if I could only get Sam to decide on a tv 🙂 He’s a bargain shopper and is always looking for a better deal, but I think we have decided on a 50″ Samsung plasma for $675 at Sam’s Club.

We’re having unseasonably chilly temps here in Arkansas right now which will be great for moving…now if only we could fit a swing on our front porch so we could enjoy it post-move!

Wishful thinking! Will update more on the blog once we move in.




One response

16 05 2011
Mark McKinnon

Just watched a hilarious “Rules of Engagement” all about buying a TV. And the main guy just like Sam = Bargain shopper, etc.

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