Paint, Paint, Paint

30 05 2011

So only one project for today – painting the built-in bookshelf in the office. It was lookin pretty shabby – with chipping paint, who knows how old it is? The off white-ish color also didn’t match with my desk and other bookshelf. Nothing a coat of paint cant fix!



On a completely unrelated note, I just finished day 4 of my Insanity workouts – so I’m gonna go curl up and die now. I don’t see how I’ll make it through 60 days of this!



Projects Galore

30 05 2011

Yesterday’s project #1. Paint the mirror in the living room above the mantle. Its an old built in mirror which the previous owner just put some wood trim around and painted white. The problem is that the trim just blends in with the mantle and the walls.

Mirror Before

I just wanted to give it a little bit of color so it stood out from the walls. So I went to Michaels and got some silver acrylic paint and went to town.

Mirror After

Sorry my photos aren’t that great – I’m taking them on my iPod, but you get the idea.

Project #2. Shadowbox. I got 2 wonderfully sentimental gifts recently – one, a photo of my grandpa (who I called Opa) who passed away about 4 years ago. He was a renowned plastic surgeon who I looked up to very much. The second gift was his old stethoscope. So while at Michaels I got a shadowbox….and voila!

Dr. Doug McKinnon

Project #3. Hang bedroom curtains. This project only came about because I am such a light sleeper and the sun coming in our window yesterday was killing me! Soooo, I pulled out the old curtains from my apartment (and luckily still had the curtain rod as well…see hoarding can be a good thing!). Unfortunately I am vertically challenged and lacking in the strength department – therefore, this became Sam’s project – much to his excitement once he realized our walls are made of freaking concrete and are impossible to screw into! Oh well – he did a great job, and the curtains worked wonders this morning. Sorry no pictures, but yall are smart – picture it in your head – white curtains.

Project #4. Mow the lawn, or should I say “lawn”. Again, this is Sam’s domain. Our lot is sloped down towards the backyard so water runs that way, leading to some very patchy grass. We still haven’t decided if we should try planting some new grass to try and fill in all the spots, or just leave it. Any suggestions? Anyway – Sam bought a mower from a med school friend and went to town on our patchy little lawn.

I dont think I have any big projects planned for today – but we shall see!

Mirror Mirror…

28 05 2011

In the bathroom – we had a terrible design faux pas. Silver light fixtures right above a bronze-ish? colored mirror. We tried taking it down and then found the wonderful gaping hole featured in one of the previous posts. My mom and I searched high and low for a mirror that would fit the space AND cover the hole – but alas, no luck. Soooo, today’s project was spray painting the existing mirror. It turned out well, if I do say so myself!

Sam also started on the landscaping – mostly picking up sticks/weeding and spraying for ants. Now – we just need to get this porch swing hung! That will be tomorrow’s project.

Girly Things

27 05 2011

So, living with a boy means toning down the girly things. And in my case Sam has said “no more fleur de lis!”…so there’s that too. BUT there’s one thing he’ll just have to live with – jewelry! My project for today was to hang my necklaces.

So I found a super cute yellow corkboard at Steinmart ($10!). Here’s the before pic:

Next step: hammer thumbtacks into the board and hang jewelry!

Thanks to Kimberly for the inspiration from years ago – I finally got around to doing it!

And just for kicks – here’s a pic of the rest of my jewelry

Earrings and rings on top, bracelets on bottom. Successful project day!


Home Projects

26 05 2011

So now that we’re all moved in, the projects have begun! Mom was here for a few days to help me – which was fantastic. We cleaned the house top to bottom, organized everything, made trips to Lowe’s, Garden Ridge, Pier 1, Tuesday Morning, Steinmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Mattress King, and more! We are in the process of getting a new front door installed – should be done by next week. The fireplace screen and entry bench are ordered. Still looking for the perfect bathroom mirror….to cover up this wonderful discovery….

Upcoming projects will include painting the office and bedroom, new kitchen counters and painting the kitchen cabinets. We also have a dresser and bookshelf that need to be painted. And finally, we want to paint the exterior of the house as well. The timeline for these projects depend on mine and Sam’s study schedules…so they might not get done anytime soon. At least the handyman is here right now fixing a couple broken windows and hopefully hanging our porch swing.

But in the meantime, I’m in love with the house! Did I mention I have a closet JUST for shoes?

Unfortunately I think the past 3 weeks of job interview, family visit and graduation, packing, driving to Little Rock, moving twice, whirlwind trip to NOLA, unpacking, shopping and studying have taken their toll – and I’m not feelin so hot. So I’m taking a rest day before picking back up on the board exam studying.

Hope everyone is doing well – who’s going to be the first one to come visit??!

PS: Check Facebook for lots of pics of the house!

We’re In!

23 05 2011

Well….we were officially moved in last week, but we just got our internet set up (at&t uverse – thank goodness no more comcast!). It’s been a crazy whirlwind because we closed on Tuesday and expected to move right in – but the seller still had things in the house. So we moved in late Tuesday night. Then we unpacked everything on Wednesday and from Thursday-Sunday we went to New Orleans for Sam’s family reunion.

We have been so so lucky to have the best realtor throughout this whole process. He owns around 400 properties in Little Rock and whenever we need something (trash removal, locks re-keyed etc), he just sends a guy over….and for $12/hour you really cant beat it!

We’re working right now on getting our front door fixed and our locks done, got our alarm system installed last week. Next project will be re-painting, then hanging all of our wall decorations. I dont think the Target, Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond trips will ever end! My mom gets in today and will stay a few days to help out since Sam is now in his study exile until the Step 1 exam in June.

The guest room is open for visitors – make your reservations now 🙂

Pictures coming soon.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

16 05 2011

….its only a day away! Can’t believe it’s already here – we close on the house at 10am tomorrow and plan on going straight to move in afterwards. My sweet sweet boyfriend drove my 14′ Uhaul for 10 hours from Atlanta to Little Rock last Wednesday. It was a bit of an adventure to figure out how to avoid the flooding Mississippi. We got a glimpse of some tornado damage outside of Birmingham, and a flooded casino on the river. BUT we made it!

My giant uhaul has now been parked outside of Sam’s old house for a week, and we are just ready to get it all unloaded into the new house! Since I have soooo much stuff, my movers had to take apart all of my IKEA furniture to fit it in the truck, so Sam and I will get to spend most of tomorrow putting it all back together….yay….

We did luck out and get a 2 yr old washer and dryer for only $200 from a 4th year med student – so that’s one thing to check off the list. Now if I could only get Sam to decide on a tv 🙂 He’s a bargain shopper and is always looking for a better deal, but I think we have decided on a 50″ Samsung plasma for $675 at Sam’s Club.

We’re having unseasonably chilly temps here in Arkansas right now which will be great for moving…now if only we could fit a swing on our front porch so we could enjoy it post-move!

Wishful thinking! Will update more on the blog once we move in.