Our First Home!

14 04 2011

So as many of you know….Sam and I will FINALLY end our 4 year long distance journey by moving in together in May! Yes, you counted that right – we’ve been together 5-ish years and have been apart for 4 of those years. I graduate May 9th, and we will be packing up my things and making the trek from Atlanta to Little Rock, AR on May 11th.

A few weeks ago we went house hunting with our awesome realtor Val. We felt like we looked at a million places (more like 20) and we kept coming back to this one house. Each time we were there I would say “It feels so light and homey” We took the hint and made an offer on the house and to our dismay the seller countered without lowering the price AT ALL 😦 Well, our (awesome) realtor Val told us to try just ONE more time…so we put in another offer and…..she came down $7,500 on the price (which even Val didn’t expect)!

So fast forward a couple weeks, we got an inspection which only turned up a few things (what a relief!). Now we are waiting for the bank to appraise the property and to get the final numbers on our loan from the bank.

We wanted to close on the house asap, but the seller is going out of town and cant close until the end of May. Soooo it looks like our closing date will be May 23rd!

We cant wait and are counting down the days!

(Special thanks to mom and dad for helping with the down payment – we couldnt do it without yall!)




One response

15 04 2011
inga mckinnon

How well I remember the day we bought our lst home in Boulder, CO. Your grandfather was still in school. We had a child right away (your dad) Tho poor doug ended up doing all kinds of handyman things, we ended up with a home we loved for three yrs before we moved to Montreal. We built a patio our back, I painted everything in sight. Wallpapered the kitchen (it fell down in the middle of thenight) It was lilke a workshop that gave us great skills for the rest of our lives together. Paint colors you love!! And remember you can always repaint it. Tho it a lot of wall paper too, I recommend paint because is so easy to change. So excited for you. xoxomamu

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